20 - 22 March, 2017 | Rydges Auckland, New Zealand

Pre-Conference Workshops: Monday, 20 March 2017

12:00 - 23:59 Workshop A: Examining Design Thinking and It’s Impact on your Customer’s Needs

Elspet Garvey - Manager, Business Process Management Office, The University of Auckland
Organisations and groups are always trying to get ahead in the design thinking landscape. Design thinking is often turned to when radical new product concepts are needed. This workshop will examine ways that process excellence teams can increase their ability to create breakthrough products.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Communicating the challenge & goal
  • Promoting an emerging technology focus
  • Looking at analogical thinking, rapid process design, and design thinking practices
  • Understanding how to solve simple problems
  • Relating creativity and innovation through design
  • From the old to the New Decision Making process
  • Leveraging more ideators with crowd funding
  • How do we change ourselves and support change within the organisation
  • Looking into strength based innovation approaches

Elspet Garvey

Manager, Business Process Management Office
The University of Auckland

12:00 - 23:59 Workshop B: Leadership 101 - How to Build and Pitch an Effective Business Case to Your C-Suite

Alan Le Clus - Process Improvement Manager & Head of IT, The Griffin's Food Company
Learning how to build a solid business case is a skill that is applicable to many different professionals, however is also a skill hard to practice and perfect. This masterclass will be a practical and interactive session to help you learn how to analyse, build and pitch a business case that will successfully meet your organisation’s needs and help them make better decisions. Through role-play scenarios you will learn how to present your case to critical stakeholders to help them better understand what needs to be done.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Exploring the key elements to gaining buy in and trust from stakeholders
  • Establishing the true value of your project ensuring clear and transparent guidelines for ROI
  • Setting up KPI’s to measure your progress and performance
  • Creating a true end-to-end solution to support a multi-functional channels
  • Ensuring your case is flexible and accommodating to other business goals
  • Communicating at their level ensuring they understand and interpret each facet of your project

Alan Le Clus

Process Improvement Manager & Head of IT
The Griffin's Food Company

12:00 - 23:59 Workshop C: Tips and Tools for Training Staff for Quality Improvement in Lean

Allan Cumming - Systems Improvement Manager, Southern District Health Board, NZ
Creating a cultural shift for change proves to be difficult when trying to move an organisation to quality improvement. Training staff and leaders correctly can significantly impact the success of your continuous improvement processes. This workshop will discuss the key challenges and will be an in-depth session to work with peers to provide solutions, strategies and tools to implement when training staff.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Establishing a performance culture to drive productivity and efficiency
  • How to engage with staff to achieve continuous improvement
  • Exploring how to drive change in a reluctant workforce
  • Developing strategies to deal with leadership challenges

Allan Cumming

Systems Improvement Manager
Southern District Health Board, NZ